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Album Renata Dąbrowska - 100 portrets

author: Renata Dąbrowska
cover: hard
dimensions: 297/210 mm
pages: 232
language: pol/ang
publisher: Renata Dąbrowska
year: 2012

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Dreams come true!

In 2009 I came up with an idea to find and portray women with the same name and surname as me.

The idea, seemingly easy, was extremely difficult to execute, requiring a long search, good logistics, thousands of phone calls, emails, conversations, nerves and tears, a lot of persistence, the power of persuasion, numerous journeys (over 25 thousand kilometres driven), considerable financial outlays, and of course time (almost 3 years) . That's probably why the realization of the project gave me a lot of satisfaction.

I found and portrayed one hundred women named Renata Dąbrowska. The diversity of their personalities, characters, appearance and worlds made our meetings really amazing, they taught me a lot and became embedded in my memory forever.

Our name is a common denominator and the main subject of my photographs, but in addition a real inspection of the Polish women's community and a piece of Poland emerge, very diversified, but beautiful.

When I came up with this idea, I didn't realize that it was the beginning of an incredible adventure, a start of something which would become so important to me. So far, it has been my most important photographic-sociological project, very personal. Watching the album - our 100 portraits, I smile and I am touched, I am proud and happy!

Today, with great pleasure and satisfaction I would like to present my first album " I, Renata Dąbrowska - 100 portraits".


I often ask myself - why do I take photos? I don’t do that for money, yet photography, though it may sound pompously, is the essence of my life. That’s why I understand Renata Dąbrowska and her huge work of taking over one hundred photographs of her namesakes, living in Poland and abroad. Why? Maybe out of curiosity, maybe for other reasons…? The successful execution of an idea of preparing a series of one hundred portraits required a long-term action plan, lots of various moves, culture, diplomatic and psychological skills to overcome fears and hesitations of people who are photographed, the fears mentioned by the photographer. The idea required determination, courage, patience and the pursuit of a precise artistic goal.

Living her life, Renata constantly looks around, absorbs everything, and is constantly curious about what can be found round the corner, over the horizon. Is it enough to call such a person just an extrovert? I guess not, and that is Renata’s phenomenon. It’s "something" more. It's something I also understand well and appreciate. It’s the love of crazy ideas, of a risk in seemingly senseless enterprises, of plans more real in dreams than in “a sensible life”. It’s a constant search for something which cannot be described or defined. It’s an escape from depressing stabilization and its walls. It’s a little child’s eyes, constantly wide open, absorbing life greedily. This type of person isn’t often met...

In her collection, Renata showed her own identity, she showed her own portrait which combines a lot of faces, personalities and characters. It proves that reality is mostly a story about others. Listening and watching carefully, we can get out of limiting us egoistic personality and we can see ourselves.

Prof. Grzegorz Przyborek, PWSFTviT in Łódź.

The project is an excellent example of artistic activity of a conscious and independent artist in the field of photography. Her independent attitude and constant work she puts in self-development and in the development of her work are worth appreciating...

Renata Dąbrowska has virtues of an ambitious person, who consciously and with great determination pursues a predetermined goal.

With full conviction I recommend Renata Dąbrowska as a reputable and original artist.

Prof. Stefan Czyżewski PWSFTviT in Łódź.

Renata Dąbrowska's attitude stands out because of her exemplary reliability and commitment to work, as well as her insight and openness in the pursuit of solutions in the realization of school tasks. Her photographic work is undergoing interesting evolution showing her increasing awareness of the medium she uses. Works representing original values are the result of that. The development of her professional career as a press photographer, awards and distinctions received within the last few years at all-Poland press photography contests, individual exhibitions of her photographs and participation in lots of collective ones, as well as numerous publications in leading Polish magazines and books show their level.

Prof. Lech Lechowicz, PWSFTviT in Łódź.

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